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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> a delaware mother disappeared nearly a year ago. tonight her family and police still don't have any answers. nefertiri trader was last seen being forced into a car. >> investigators are making a new push to find her. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live. what have you uncovered? >> reporter: it happened june 30th at this house in the saddlebrook development. she was taken out of her house, shoved into her car. the only person that saw anything at that time was a guy who lives over here. he's in the second floor of his house up where that fan is. by the time he came down here to the street, the car had pulled away. >> corey trader furious that nobody has come forward with information about his missing cousin nefi. >> we need to know if she's alive, we need to know if she's gone. it's just hard to have that lingering over your head. it's been a year. >> reporter: on june 30th of last year the 33-year-old, a mother of three, went missing at about 4:00 a.m. after returning
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from a 7-eleven coffee run. a guy a few doors down apparently the only one who saw anything. >> i heard a noise, looked out the window and seen a guy drag her out the house took her and put her in the car. >> reporter: by the time he got downstairs, she was gone. neither she nor her car have been seen since. police can't believe somebody doesn't know something. i-'extremely frustrating not finding her or her vehicle, the lack of cooperation from people who may have seen or heard something and us not being able to move forward. from an investigate standpoint it is frustrating. >> reporter: the fbi is putting her on billboards up and down the northeastern stretch of i-95 and trying to spread the word about her via social media. the reward money is now up to $30,000. >> anyone who has any information, if you can lead us back to an arrest or back to nefi, we are glad to hand over the reward money. >> reporter: joe has taken grief for not calling police that morning but says the police were at her house for some other problems. he thought maybe she was sick or
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drunk, didn't want to get involved in the family's business. the family hopes a lot of people in northerna├▒!l delaware will sort of take another look through the area, check wooded areas. if you live near a pond maybe look for the acura. the fbi want you to use social media. i just posted her picture on instagram, facebook and twitter. if you follow me go ahead and share or retweet and maybe you can help crack this case. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. we are following a developing story in philadelphia winfield section. police are looking for the shooter who killed a man on the front steps of a home on woodcrest avenue around 2:30 this afternoon. police say the victim was trying to intervene in a domestic altercation when the gunman shot him in the head. just in to nbc 10 authorities in delaware county have identified the delivery driver murdered overnight. they say 63-year-old thomas childs was shot and killed on baltimore avenue in yeadon.
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police released a sketch of the gunman. they say he ambushed childs at the old a & p warehouse as he was getting ready to drive his route to new york. investigators aren't sure if the killer wanted something from childs or he intended to steal his cargo truck. >> we think it may have been a botched robbery but again, all the information's not in. we are still investigating and assessing all the facts as they come in. >> police spent the afternoon scouring the sherwood cemetery for evidence. it's across the street from that warehouse where the murder took place. also tonight, a mother at the center of a sex scandal in montgomery county has now admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a teenaged boy. nbc 10's deanna durante joins us live. the woman was caught by police in a car nearly naked with a student and the most serious charges we found out today against her were dropped. >> reporter: yes. that was a plea deal take was negotiated between her defense attorney and prosecutors and in exchange for her guilty plea
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she will serve five years probation. a move that keeps the 42-year-old mom of three out of jail. >> anything you want to say? >> no. >> reporter: only nbc 10 was there as iris gibney entered a guilty plea. she sat in the back of the room talking to the man she was seated next to. once in front of the judge her lawyer did most of the talking for her. >> she will not be registered as a sex offender. she has been engaged in counseling since the outset of this case. we are hopeful that after she satisfies the requirements for counseling, she can put this matter behind her and move on with her life. >> reporter: a felony charge was dropped but she admitted to sending partially naked pictures of herself to the teen and a corruption charge. >> very upsetting. very sad to hear. >> reporter: local parents say the plea deal surprises them. >> that's horrible. five years probation? oh, my god. no. she's supposed to go down for something like that.
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come on. a kid? no. this is horrible. >> reporter: now, gibney told the judge she made a horrible decision and has been in counseling since the week after her arrest. the judge says that she has to stay in counseling until a doctor releases her. she also has to serve five years probation and pay court costs and fines. i'm deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now to your first alert weather. it's starting to feel a little more like summer again but this is just the beginning. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is joining us. it's going to get warmer very soon. >> in a couple days we will look back to today as a very comfortable day because the 90s are returning. we've got fair weather clouds out there now. we're not seeing rain on the radar very close by. and the headlines, well we've got some lower humidity coming in. it's going to be more
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comfortable tonight and into tomorrow. it's going to be dry through at least thursday morning but we also have a possible heat wave on the way. it's in the mid 80s now, philadelphia a little bit cooler up to the north, but still kind of warm even at the shore because we've got a west wind out there right now. the wind direction makes all the difference. it's kind of dry across much of the area but one or two little showers toward the lehigh valley and the poconos. nothing too heavy. we'll continue to get drier and drier as we go through the night, as the humidity continues to drop so it's a really delightful night for most of us. 76 degrees by 10:00. we do have that potential heat wave on the way and i'll have the timing and temperatures on that with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> look forward to that. nbc 10 was in norristown where police took a bank robbery suspect into custody this afternoon. officers swarmed an apartment
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complex around 1:30 blocking off several streets. everything now is back open tonight. the suspect is wanted in a robbery that happened last wednesday in plymouth township. we showed you the surveillance video yesterday on nbc 10 news. the robber fired a shot on the way out but no one was hurt. so far, police haven't charged that suspect taken into custody today. police just told us about two sexual assaults in separate incidents in philadelphia. the first one happened last friday morning at 60th and market in west philly. a man knocks the victim down and assaulted her before taking her money, phone and i.d. on saturday morning, a man attacked a woman on north 3rd street in northern liberties. police don't believe the crimes are connected. we have new information about an uber driver accused of fondling himself in front of a customer at the jersey shore. police have filed charges against that man. avalon police charged the 57-year-old from northeast philadelphia with lewdness
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false imprisonment and harassment. the reported incident happened over memorial day weekend. last week uber officials told us the driver has been permanently removed from the uber platform. new jersey's supreme court today sided with governor christie in a fight with public worker unions over pension funds. it overturned a lower court judge's order. essentially today's ruling means the state does not have to contribute a certain amount to pensions. governor christie calls the decision an important victory for taxpayers. a statement the governor released today reads in part it is time to move forward and work together to find a tangible long-term solution to make our pension system and public employee health benefit costs affordable and sustainable for generations to come. we have new information on the fight to save a church from the wrecking ball in philadelphia's fishtown section. the city's historical commission took up the case of st. laurentious church. today it agreed to vote on whether the church should be
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considered an historic building. that vote will come on july 12th. the archdiocese says the 133-year-old church is in danger of collapsing and wants to tear it down but a vote to declare it an historic building would spare it from demolition. turns out they are not going to meet their deadline. members of a pennsylvania school funding commission say they need more time to issue a report. they are looking to find out a good way to hand out state aid to pennsylvania's schools. tomorrow marks the one-year deadline. the commission is made up of 12 lawmakers split between democrats and republicans as well as three senior aides to to governor wolf. new information on what used to be philadelphia's four seasons. hilton is taking over the hotel. the four seasons closed on saturday. it is set to reopen this fall as a branch of hilton's high end brand and it will be called the logan. as for the four seasons, it will move into the new comcast tower under construction in center city. that new skyscraper is scheduled
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to open in 2018. a development company plans to add new retail space on north broad street near fairmont avenue. you are looking at an artist's rendering of what the area could look like once the project is finished. the project will also include redevelopment of the lorain hotel. no word on when the work might start. a veteran actor from philadelphia has lost his leg in a hit and run. tonight, friends are begging for the driver and witnesses to come forward. plus convenient getaway. a shooter in philadelphia uses a taxi to get to and from the crime scene. you might have to buy new luggage. how the airlines are pushing for smaller carry-ons.
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the search is on tonight for a hit and run driver who struck a local actor, leaving him critically injured. witnesses found michael toner lying in the street near 11th and market in center city early this morning. investigators say the veteran philadelphia stage actor may have been crossing at the light when he was hit and dragged. doctors had to amputate his left leg. those we talked to in the acting
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community say they are in shock. >> somebody who would do something like that is kind of cowardly, just leaving and putting the family through even more trauma than they're already going through. >> detectives tell us they could charge the driver with a felony for leaving the scene but they have to find that driver first. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. philadelphia police are searching for a gunman they say used a taxi for his getaway. investigators say the man got out of a brown cab at palm and ogden streets in west philly shot a man in his 20s twice and hopped back in the same taxi and took off. it happened in broad daylight right in front of neighbors. >> he was sitting on his steps. then it was boom boom two shots and next thing you know, he was on the ground. >> the victim is hospitalized in critical condition. his name has not been released. tonight we are learning what caused a gas explosion that killed eight people and destroyed two buildings in east harlem, new york last year.
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according to our sister station, wnbc the ntsb blames faulty con-edison work. the utility is disputing this. they filed a lawsuit blaming the blast on city negligence in maintaining city streets, sewers and water mains. a verdict in the trial of an undercover police officer accused of taking part in a melee on a new york city street. a judge acquitted the detective of the most serious charges that he was convicted of assault and criminal mischief. prosecutors say he was among 11 motorcyclists who pulled a driver out of an suv and beat him two years ago. that's after the suv ran over a motorcyclist. airline passengers are concerned after back-to-back reported failures by tsa. today, lawmakers demand an improvement at a security hearing interrupted by a bomb threat. steve handelsman reports from washington.
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>> reporter: at reagan national airport, travelers knew tsa is under fire for missing 95% of weapons in checkpoint tests, and for okaying credentials for 73 aviation workers with suspected links to terrorists. two alleged failures. >> it is in fact two things and it's about management i believe not doing their job. >> reporter: you get more freedom to move in an airport if you've got a tsa credential. >> if people have badges like you've got a badge, they can go through security easier. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's more worrisome, right? >> yes. >> reporter: a senate hearing confirmed her fears. workers who tsa gave unimpeded access at minneapolis-st. paul were or became supporters of jihad. >> some of these badged employees who worked at the msp airport later traveled to syria to fight for isis. >> reporter: experts warn tsa precheck for registered travelers could be the next
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problem. inspections in that line are minimal. so is tsa funding now. warned one democrat. >> as we all sit and pound the desk about how bad tsa is we keep cutting the amount of money they have. >> reporter: minutes later a bomb threat delayed the hearing. another interrupted the white house briefing. >> again, that is the world we live in today. it's very unfortunate. >> reporter: a world of threats, where tsa's performance protecting aviation is in question. an internal tsa critic charged that precheck passes are being handed out like halloween candy because she charged, the program lightens the load on tsa screeners. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news washington. flyers be warned. this is not good for me. i have a tough enough time squeezing into what i have. we may need new carry-on suitcases. >> the world's largest airline association announced new guidelines, that guidelines would shrink the size of bags allowed on planes as part of an effort to free up space in
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packed overhead bins. the move means that many bags now allowed would need to be checked. if you keep your oversized bag, you might have to pay a fee to check it. you could end up paying more for the bags than the ticket for the flight. there's a lot of competition with the flight costs now. we've got some really nice weather moving in here. it's less humid. we can feel it already. we are going to feel it more tonight and tomorrow. but the 90s are going to be returning and storms returning, too. nice-looking skyline. the visibility is excellent. there's no haze out there. it's 85 degrees, winds southwest at 18 humidity only 38%. it's 69 in mt. pocono but it's in the 80s across just about the rest of the area.
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that includes right at the shore, because we have a west wind coming in and so we have temperatures in the 80s at some of the beaches as well, which we don't normally see. and let's see how hot it is back to the west. oh it's plenty hot. it's 95 in des moines iowa. 97 in wichita, kansas. these are not high temperatures for the day. they are current temperatures, so some of these places are going to get up to triple digits. some of that air is headed in this direction. that's why we're so confident about predicting 90s. we have some isolated showers generally up to the north. some of them going into the lehigh valley. but the dry air, that's coming in tonight and into tomorrow. you can see on the future cast this would show clouds and rain and we don't see either tomorrow morning, or tomorrow afternoon. that's going to allow the temperatures to go up into the upper 80s in some areas, but the
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humidity is down so it won't feel all that hot. it's going to be of course cooler right at the beaches as we get a sea breeze tomorrow afternoon. then the humidity starts increasing on thursday. and that will allow at least some clouds around but it's going to be warm. 8:00 a.m. already 82 degrees in philadelphia and then by noon, 91. northeast philly, 92. mount holly, 92. dover, 92. at noon just imagine how hot that's going to get. for tonight, clear and more comfortable. 64 for the low in philadelphia. 56 north and west. then during the day tomorrow, it's sunny and warm but low humidity so it's not going to feel like it's 85 to 88 degrees. it will feel a little bit more comfortable than that. then on thursday it's a big jump in both the temperature and the humidity. so that jump from 87 to 93 is
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going to feel like it's gone from 87 to 97 or 98. by friday the humidity is even higher and it could start feeling like it's closer to 100 even with the temperature there. that will trigger a couple of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon but the greatest risk of showers and storms happens to be on saturday which could be the day that makes the a heat wave. three days in a row of 90 plus is what you need. that's as far as it's going to go because sunday looks like it will be significantly cooler and also less humid. >> thanks glenn. the real pope francis has not arrived in philadelphia yet, of course but a life-sized cutout is already greeting visitors. how one group is using the pope's visit to get people interested in life with the choch. plus a live look at lincoln financial field. tonight, eagles fans have another reason to cheer. why a new study says our fans are some of the most eloquent in the nfl. we'll explain.
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tonight a call to expand casinos in new jersey beyond
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atlantic city. three state senators introduced a bill yesterday that would ask voters whether to approve new casinos in northern and central new jersey. one of these would be located in bergen, essex, hudson morris, passaic or union counties. there's already a proposal to build a casino at the meadowlands in east rutherford and another proposal for a casino in jersey city. voters would need to amend the state constitution in order to allow gambling outside of a.c. as philadelphia prepares for the pope's visit this fall one group got an early picture with the pontiff in our area today. it's actually a life-sized cutout of the pope. the cutout greeted two priests and three seminaryians as they rolled into windwood this afternoon. the group of five is cycling from florida to new york to raise awareness about religious life and becoming a priest. it's a 1400 mile 29 day trip
5:26 pm
and those taking part say it's giving them a chance to show people one of the options out there. >> the option that i have embraced is the love of god and to tell other people it's an awesome, awesome life. there's a lot of things you can do with it like get on a bike and drive 1400 miles. >> kind of looked like he was photo-bombed by the pope. the cutout of pope francis is making its way around the area in preparation of his stop in philadelphia this fall. a photo-bomb no one would mind. count on nbc 10 to bring you new information about the upcoming papal visit. get the details quickly and at your convenience using the nbc 10 news app for smartphones and tablets. before you buy your next carton of eggs we will have that story in just a bit, the humane society wants to see the next video but from the outside it may look like any modest home. >> the story of a man who once lived there makes it special. >> he loved this house. he loved this family.
5:27 pm
>> tonight, there's new life for this area home. up next how this work will honor the memory of an american hero. all new coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" controversial comments force the former president to resign. who is now taking over at a local university months after the scandal.
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honoring the memory of a world war ii veteran by rebuilding his house in north philly. >> charles lee was a member of one of the only all black units to fight in the china theater of the second world war. new at 5:30 nbc 10's drew smith introduces us to that veteran's family. >> reporter: generations of lees have lived in this home on north sixth street. now there's hope they won't be the last. >> he loved this house. he loved his family. >> reporter: she looked up to her father charles, so much she followed in the world war ii tuskegee airman's footsteps. after serving in the air force herself for ten years, she says it's a miracle that people are helping restore this home. >> he passed away would us wantith us wanting to bring him here. for this to happen he would be so proud. the basement looks a lot better. >> reporter: it won't be easy. the family hasn't been able to even go inside for some time.
5:31 pm
these pictures show the mold that filled the walls. >> there was water damage that brought in a lot of mold and the mold was very unhealthy for this family. >> reporter: the mold is now gone and there's a new roof to stop future water problems. volunteers spent a day doing more cleanup. >> really important to give back to the service members who give so much to this country. >> reporter: there will be a lot more heavy lifting to do but these volunteers are not complaining. they appreciate what charles and his daughter have done for them by serving. >> to come home and see that so many people recognize it and appreciate it it's amazing. >> today was the first day it was safe enough to let volunteers work on this property. they are hoping to have the family moved in by the end of the year. drew smith, nbc 10 news. new information tonight on a south philadelphia man accused of neglecting his three horses.
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a judge found derrick hamm guilty of three counts of animal cruelty. the spca first seized the horses in early april after finding them in an abandoned junk lot on grays avenue. once the animals are medically evaluated, the spca says they will be moved to a horse rescue. to this now. there had been reported sightings of the two convicted murderers who escaped a state prison in upstate new york this weekend. police say, though the sightings haven't been confirmed so they are still looking for the pair. nbc 10 national correspondent chris vallone has the latest. >> reporter: the manhunt continues. hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement officers continue to scour upstate new york for the two escaped murderers. >> being such a small location, you know a lot of people in the area. a big uproar of worry that's kind of like what is happening. >> reporter: since they were reported missing from the clinton correctional facility on saturday, there has been no sign of richard matt or david sweat. police say the duo used power
5:33 pm
tools to cut through brick and metal walls and into pipes that led them through a manhole to freedom. the men were being housed in a-block, the so-called honor section of the prison and were close friends and may have been planning this escape for months. we have also learned a female employee of the prison is being questioned about allegedly helping the men carry out their escape plan. >> if they did have inside help do they have cell phones do they have communications who did they call. >> reporter: a former guard at the prison says he is not surprised the men attempted the escape. >> a lot of these guys just have nothing to lose you know. >> reporter: the construction or work inside the prison might have helped the men mask their work. >> you have contractors and stuff like that working. lot of sounds and different things that sounds like they synchronized their times with noise. >> reporter: a successful escape by two violent men now on the run. nbc news, dannemora, new york.
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the delaware department of corrections is looking for this man tonight. his name is isaiah thompson. he was on work release from plummer community correction center in wilmington when he left his work crew this morning. he is serving a sentence for attempted carjacking. if you see him, call police. chester county is rolling out a new emergency notification system. it is called ready chest-go. it replaces the county's old system. residents can use it to receive weather, health and community alerts. they will receive those alerts through text e-mail or a phone call. from our delaware bureau now, liquor stores could have extended hours during the holiday season in the first state. lawmakers today considered a bill that would allow liquor stores to open earlier on friday, saturday and sunday from october through december. the legislation would not affect bars or restaurants. we could find out by the end of the month if a delaware county wawa will be allowed to get into the beer business. the wawa on naamans creek road in concord township wants to
5:35 pm
sell six-packs of beer. the township has scheduled a hearing for june 30th to discuss the request. similar requests from area stores like wegman's and acme have been approved. helping students get engaged in science, technology engineering and math otherwise known as s.t.e.m. nbc 10 in west philadelphia this morning where a $500,000 grant was presented to drexel university to support the implementation of s.t.e.m. education at mcmichaels school and the samuel powell school. all part of the drexel exelon foundation peco education community collaborative. >> in spite of all the challenges that exist in education, fundamentally it gets down to engaging students and empowering them. >> this education collaborative began in 2011 helping to develop customized educational plans for students. american pharoah made history but his racing days aren't over yet. now the triple crown winner could be headed to the jersey
5:36 pm
shore. what the horse's owner is saying about his next race. a car rental fight. one man took a major car rental company on as he said he was erroneously charged thousands of dollars without warning. his fight, next.
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tonight there are new clues that triple crown winner american pharoah could be competing in new jersey this summer. his owner who lives in the garden state told msnbc the william hill haskell invitational in monmouth county is probably going to be his next race. the horse's trainer has won this race seven times before but this would mark the first time a triple crown winner has taken part in the race. i'm nbc 10's vince
5:39 pm
lattanzio. $11,000. that's how much money one man tells nbc 10 hertz rental car charged to his debit card saying last month he failed to return the car he rented to philadelphia international airport but he says they have it all wrong and they shouldn't have taken his money. now he's taken to facebook to get his cash back. tap on the nbc 10 app right now to see how hertz reacted to the public plea. it's not what you might expect. what the company is saying now in this digital exclusive story you will only find on the nbc 10 app and >> you can relate to this, too. we see people take pictures of their food post it online. now google wants to send you information back. you might have mixed feelings about the idea though. plus this. virtual reality on the football field? why nfl teams are getting on board and what eagles coach chip kelly said when we asked him about the technology. it's going to get hotter and a lot more humid.
5:40 pm
first alert forecast is next. still ahead all new on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" reports of drinking alcohol at a local high school prom but who the school district is investigating may surprise you. there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv.
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federal and state health officials are tracking down hundreds of people who may have been exposed to a woman with a drug resistant form of tuberculosis. >> health officials say the woman got infected and received some form of treatment before flying to the united states. nbc 10 national correspondent erica edwards has new details. >> reporter: infectious disease experts at the national institutes of health are trying to figure out which cocktail of
5:43 pm
drugs may give a woman with extremely drug resistant tuberculosis or xdrtb the best chance of survival. >> many of the standard drugs are not good against it and you have to get alternative drugs, some of which are successful some of which are not, and many of which are toxic. >> reporter: health officials say the unidentified woman was treated for tuberculosis overseas, then flew from india to chicago in april. she also spent time in missouri and tennessee. seven weeks after arriving she became sick enough to be admitted to a chicago area hospital, then transferred to the nih. >> prognosis of extensively drug resistant tuberculosis is always serious. >> reporter: state and federal health officials are tracking down anyone who came into prolonged contact with the woman, including those who were sitting closest to her on those flights. the risk she spread the disease on the airplanes is considered low, but doctors are concerned because xdrtb is not only difficult to treat, it's
5:44 pm
extremely dangerous. >> at its worst it can create holes in the lungs, so-called cavities, where the tb bacteria can flourish and slowly reduce your capacity of the lung to function. >> reporter: the woman at the nih may require months of treatment. erica edwards, nbc 10 news. a north ampton county woman was featured in a speech by none other than the president of the united states. president obama spoke about deborah orrin of palmer township in his speech to the catholic health association today. she wrote the president a letter thanking him for allowing her to get the surgery she needed to walk again through the affordable care act. during his address, the president also blasted attempts to reverse the act. >> nobody suggests that somehow our health care system is perfect as a consequence of the law being passed but it is serving so many more people so much better and we're not going to go backwards. >> this comes just days before the supreme court is expected to
5:45 pm
rule whether those getting health coverage in states without their own insurance exchanges are eligible for federal subsidies. back here at home the children's hospital of philadelphia is once again ranked as one of the top facilities of its kind. it places second in u.s. news and world report's annual list of the best children's hospitals in the country. boston children's hospital grabbed the top spot after tying with c.h.o.p. last year. not sure what you feel about this one but most people use food labels menus, like i do to calculate calorie counts. >> what about social media? it's something that google is working on. the company is working on a tool that would serve up an estimated calorie count every time you take a photo of a meal on the photo sharing app instagram. my ice cream, cheesesteaks. the project was revealed at a recent learning summit but google has not yet released just when this tool may become available. >> if that were to happen i would never take a picture of my
5:46 pm
food. no way. >> neither would i. to this now. football is one of the most physical sports out there but players could soon be more hands-off. >> comcast sports net's john clark joins us to explain how teams are getting on board with virtual reality. what's this about? >> reporter: of course you know chip kelly is one of the most innovative minds in football on the cutting edge of sports science and technology. anything to do to gain an edge. well, maybe this could be in his future.9>x├▒ it is virtual reality football. take a look at this. it's very very interesting. this is a way for players on a football field whether it's quarterbacks or other players to see the entire field, what the defense is doing and the formations they're lined up in without actually being on the football field. the dallas cowboys were the first team to sign up for this technology yesterday and the brains behind the concept, it's striver labs stanford university, and they tell us they have been to philly they have shown this to multiple
5:47 pm
eagles coaches. chip kelly did not see it the day they were here but they are eager to meet him and sell him on it. here's chip today on whether he's going to buy in. >> at the combine we were impressed with it. we're talking to those guys. >> something you think you might see value in? >> we're interested in it. >> what is different about -- >> are you a salesman? >> reporter: right now they have not closed the deal yet with chip kelly but we'll see. anything to gain an edge for his eagles team chip kelly is interested. i'm john clark at the novacare complex. coming up at 6:00 we will hear from championship on who he feels is pound for pound the strongest eagle on the team and who is also evolving into a leader. see you then. >> interesting to hear. thank you. speaking of the eagles eagles fans are notoriously labeled as some of the most unwelcoming. >> apparently we are also somewhat eloquent compared to other nfl fans. here's a live look at the linc.
5:48 pm
a "wall street journal" sports columnist analyzed fan comments on the web sites of each nfl team each site was ranked for grammar, punctuation and spelling. listen to this. out of the 32 nfl teams, eagles fans ranked third for proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. a total of 5.2 mistakes for 100 words. lions fans have the most eloquent smack talk with 4.2 mistakes per 100 words. sadly, let's put that in parentheses there, asterisks, the washington redskins fans ranked last with 16.5 mistakes per 100 words. then the stats we care about here the giants finished twelfth, the cowboys finished lucky 13th. >> super bowl is very easy to spell. >> it is. >> hopefully we'll have practice with that this season. i don't know. glenn? i'm always looking at the grammar from the comments for the weather forecast. that makes a big difference.
5:49 pm
philadelphia is really good on the grammar there, too, when they're cursing me out. okay. we have dry weather that is coming in during the evening. it's already come in a little bit. it's going to come in a little bit more tonight and tomorrow. but the 90s are going to be returning and the storms will be returning as well. but not for a little while. we've got some nice blue sky out there, fair weather clouds for the most part. 85 degrees, the winds southwest at 18 relative humidity is pretty low below 40%. the temperature today got up to 86 degrees. just like yesterday. 87 tomorrow and then we jump not only a jump in temperature, but a significant jump in humidity. so that's going to make it feel like an even bigger jump than what those temperatures would show. you see we're in the 80s everywhere, including at many of the beaches in new jersey. look at mt. pocono 69 degrees.
5:50 pm
to our west it's hot. it's not that hot in cincinnati so tomorrow we are not going to really warm up much but back to the west where it's 97 in wichita, 95 in des moines iowa yeah, some of that air's coming in. that's why we are so confident that it's going to get up into the 90s. we just have some isolated generally light showers moving through parts of the area. here's one coming into montgomery county. one tracking just north of allentown. very light, very small and the bigger issue is the drier air that's coming in so there won't be any showers around during the day tomorrow. we're starting off fairly comfortable in the 60s. we go into the 80s tomorrow afternoon except of course at the shore. we're going to have a sea breeze tomorrow so it won't be as warm at the shore. then as we go into wednesday, and thursday it gets warmer. it gets more humid. so look what happens here.
5:51 pm
by thursday 8:00 a.m., 84 degrees and humid. now we're talking about 90s. 92 by 1:00 p.m. and humid. and then it goes up from there. so that's going to be quite a shock to the system in a couple of days. clear and more comfortable tonight, 64 for the low in philadelphia, 56 north and west. during the day tomorrow it's going to be sunny and warm, less humid even than it was today. high temperatures mid to upper 80s. the seven-day forecast much hotter and much more humid. on thursday just a slight chance of a thunderstorm thursday and friday. better chance of storms on saturday. saturday could make it three days in a row of 90 plus. that would make it the first heat wave of the season. but by sunday good-bye 90s. be closer to 80 with lower humidity. a major beach replenishment project at the jersey shore
5:52 pm
faces a setback caused by two birds. >> nice to save the birds. i agree. nice to save homes, too. >> i'm ted greenberg. how a breeding ground is putting the work on hold. a well-known local stage actor lies in a hospital bed, the victim of a hit and run driver. i'm doug shimell. that story coming up.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
we told you how homeowners are fighting back against beach replenishment on the jersey shore. now birds are getting in the way as well. >> these birds, they are protected and their breeding ground sits right in the strathmere section. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg explains how they're putting the project on hold. >> reporter: the sand and water spewing on strathmere's beaches will soon have to stop as long as these two birds are grounded here. >> if they started down there they should just keep going. why stop and start? >> reporter: because these are american oyster catchers considered a species of special concern due to their declining numbers. officials say the birds and their nest cannot be disturbed. that means this section of beach where several houses are particularly vulnerable to storms and erosion can't be widened by the federal replenishment project until after the oyster catchers and
5:56 pm
their babies are gone. officials say it could be mid-july by the time that happens and the crews doing this work need to move on to another project elsewhere. >> nice to save the birds. i agree. but it's nice to save homes, too. >> reporter: a second oyster catcher nest nearby was recently done in by another animal. the area is cordoned off by a fence some 450 feet in diameter. >> we are going to get to it as soon as we can but we are also concerned about the environment and not only concerned about it but bound by the law. >> reporter: officials tell me the remaining nest is being monitored on a daily basis and if it becomes compromised in the very near future they will finish the project here. if not, construction crews likely won't be back to complete the job until the fall. >> i'm hoping we don't have any problems but what can you do? nature. it comes and it goes. >> reporter: this wildlife is still on the sand protected by man-made rules. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
5:57 pm
coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" -- >> the desperate search for a suspect who gunned down a truck driver on the job. where police are focusing their man hunt and who witnessed the crime. plus the humane society raising questions about the conditions inside a pennsylvania egg producer. why they say chickens are being mistreated and what the farm has to say about the undercover investigation. that's all next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
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5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 an all-out man hunt for the suspect police say gunned down a truck driver during a botched robbery. police in delaware county have been combing through a local cemetery desperate for clues that may lead to an arrest. good evening. i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. police say childs was shot at point-blank range as he was about to leave for a new york delivery. cydney long is live in yeadon. >> where are police focusing the search tonight? >> reporter: to give you some perspective, we are here at the old a & p warehouse. a number of trucking companies use this area and the murder took place right here close to the loading docks just beneath the water tower but detectives have spent a good part of the afternoon right here across the street, in the fernwood cemetery combing for clues. this as investigators ask for the public's help.
6:00 pm
at 5'4," 180 pounds wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, police say this is the man who pulled the trigger killing delivery driver thomas childs of aston at close range tuesday morning. ambushed beside his delivery truck on a routine route to new york. childs was 63 years old. >> he was cold-bloodedly executed at point-blank range last night. he should not have lost his life. >> reporter: it happened at the old a & p warehouse lot, now used by a number of trucking companies. police say a fellow truck driver witnessed at least part of the attack and dialed 911. only nbc 10 was there as detectives began a thorough search of the fernwood cemetery across the street on baltimore avenue. securing as evidence what appears to be a cell phone. the mayor says police may soon be able to confirm if the killer took off running or had someone waiting in a car for him to get away.


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